Perm Hairstyles 2014

Perm Hairstyles 2014

2013-14 gives us more unique and stylish look then before. Here are some of the new  Ideas for Women for the Upcoming Spring-Summer.

A permanent wave, commonly called a , involves the use of chemicals to break and reform the bonds of the hair.The hair is washed and wrapped on a perm rod and waving lotion is applied with a base. This solution creates a chemical reaction that softens the inner structure of the hair by breaking some of the cross links within and between the protein chains of the hair.

Perm Hairstyles


must be treated with care. Aggressive shampooing must be avoided as it can cause early relaxation and use conditioners specially created for . Avoid tangles as it can damage the hair perm. Use a diffuser when blow drying hair.

Perm Hairstyles Women 2014

Hairstyle is one of the most important parts of Women’s grooming. When it comes to the Hairstyles, the Perm Hairstyles can not be forgotten.

Perm Hairs 2014

This means embracing the frizziness of the hair and giving it a lot of volume. Get a new look at all of the new 2014 or .

Spiral Perm HairstylePerm Hairstyles for WomenPerm Hairstyles 2014 for Women

They even enhance the poofiness by doing a lot of hair teasing and blow drying. This results to a big, almost rounded hair which really makes a bold fashion statement.

Cute Perm Hairstyles 2014

If you want some bold look hairstyle than try the Permed Hairstyles. This year, may be Women’s Hairstyle is going to be Slick Comb Over, Short Crop, Medium , Messy and shaggy looks to well-groomed Mad hair inspired styles.

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